Led by your child, facilitated by you

Watch as she builds an airplane from textured blocks, or explores magnets. Cheer him on as he climbs to the top of the gym. Our studio is a fantastic place to spend quality time with your child, watching, and guiding his or her learning.


We offer a variety of equipment to encourage gross motor play, to build strong muscles and practice bilateral movement. 

Safe, soft, clean

We clean our equipment throughout the day and every afternoon. We take your child's health and safety very seriously. We use a combination of essential oils and renowned products that are proven to safely sanitize our materials.

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We are an approved vendor for Hickman Charter School

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We provide physical education classes for children participating in the vendor program. We accept payment through the vendor program. 

Parent Training and Support

Hand in Hand

We provide 1:1 support to parents who have questions about their child's development, behavior, or general skill-building. Call to speak with Devan today.

Special Guests


Are you participating in the Early Start program? We offer access to our facility for your services. Contact your provider today and schedule a session at our facility.