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Central Valley Play and Grow

Play and Grow with us!

Activities and Offerings

Daily Activities


We offer a variety of activities during Open Play to enhance your experience. Schedules and flyers are available in the studio, via social media, and on the Events page. 

Summer Science


Summer Science is a special offering for little explorers. This offering is included in regular admission and available with parent support for all ages. 

Appropriate for young children


Our studio is designed for littles. Infants and toddlers can safely explore, take risks related to social skill development, and meet friends.

Current prices and specials


Current specials include our popular 4 visit punchcard. This card has no expiration date and can be shared among a family and friends.

Learn through play


The process of learning takes place in every corner of our studio. Through hands-on classes, developmental courses, and guided play. 

Pretend Play


We provide materials for exploration and role-play so your child can be anyone he or she imagines. 


Led by your child, facilitated by you

Watch as she builds an airplane from textured blocks, or explores magnets. Cheer him on as he climbs to the top of the gym. Our studio is a fantastic place to spend quality time with your child, watching, and guiding his or her learning.


We offer a variety of equipment to encourage gross motor play, to build strong muscles, and practice bilateral movement. 

Safe, soft, clean

We clean our equipment throughout the day and every afternoon. We take your child's health and safety very seriously. We use a combination of essential oils and renowned products that are proven to safely sanitize our materials.